S.T. Gowan Ltd. is the official dealer for APV – a leading supplier of high quality sowing, spreading and cultivation equipment. 
As part of our partnership with APV, we provide a full range of equipment to customers across the North East of England and beyond. 
The product range includes: 
KS40 M2 – Mini Broadcaster 
ES 100 M1 Classic – Single Disc Spreader 
ES 100 M2 Special – Single Disc Spreader 
Zs 200 M3 – Twin Disc Spreader 
PS Series (Pneumatic Sowing Machines) 
PS Series Fertiliser Editions & Special Applications 
PS Series Control Boxes & Sensors 
AW-Series Field and Grassland Rollers 
Grassland Harrows and Tined Weeders 
We also offer repairs, replacement parts and servicing for a comprehensive range of APV equipment. 


An Austrian company with a worldwide reputation for innovation, APV was founded in 1997, and focuses on the development and production of top quality agricultural and garden machinery. 
APV offers products in a range of sizes, and to suit a wide range of applications including cultivating intercrops, reseeding, fertilising, spreading and sowing. All APV machinery is manufactured to exacting standards, and designed to perform in the real world, saving you time and money in the process. 
Further information about APV and the products it offers can be found at www.apv.at 
For more about APV or to order, call 01262 850383 or send an email to info@stgowan.co.uk today. 

APV ZS200 M4 Spreader 

Twin disc spreader,up to 31m spread width.Can be mounted to a UTV,Pick up,implement or tractor. 
Price: £3132.00 
APV KS 40 M2 Spreader 
Compact spreader,1-12m spread width,40lt hopper,suitable for a Quad bike,Utv,pick up or tractor,power required 12V 25A 
Price: £810.00 

APV GP300 M1 Grassland Harrow 3m fitted with PS300 M1 Seeder 

Grassland Harrow c/w Cambridge roller 3m fitted with PS300 M1 seeder.Ex demo machine available,Normal RRP £17,900. 
Price: £13,500.00 


Single disc spreader,up to 28m spread width,105 lt hopper,suitable for spreading catch crops,grass seeds,nurse crops,slug pellets and similar granular products,Normal RRP £1395.00,Special Offer !!! 
Price: £1476.00 

APV GS600 M1 Grassland Harrow 6m fitted with PS300 M1 Seeder 

Grassland Harrow 6m hydraulic folding fitted with PS300 M1 seeder.Full edition 
Price: £13,995.00 


Pneumatic seeder unit suitable for the distribution of fertiliser as well as seeds due to the corrosion-resistant fabrication.500 lt hopper,with 8 outlets,1 to 6m working width 
Price: £POA 

APV PS 300 M1 D TWIN Seeder 

Pneumatic twin seeder,with centre hopper division with the option of sowing two different seeds or fertiliser and seeds,each seed metering shaft can be controlled separately giving precise output for each side. 
Price: £POA 

APV PS 200 M1 Seeder  

Pneumatic seeder,200 lt hopper,with 16 outlets,suitable for fertiliser with corrosion-resistant fabrication,also suitable for sowing mico-granules,pesticides and intercrops.Click on this text to edit it. 
Price: £POA 

PS seeder Conversion kit for oil seed rape. 

PS 120 to 500 seeder kit for oil seed rape. 
Price: £POA 

APV MDS 100 M1 Spreader. 

Single disc spreader up to 28m spread width.The multi-metering system MDS combines the benefits of a pneumatic seeder and disc spreader,this machine can be used inconjunction with GPS.40lt and 100lt hopper available. 
Price: £POA 

APV MDP 100 M1 Seeder. 

Pneumatic seeder with 6 outlets,with up to 4.5m working width.The compact construction of the MDP is ideal for the distribution of small seeds,seed mixtures and slug pellets,as well as for new planting and reseeding in grassland. 
Price: £POA 

APV MDG 100 M1 Seeder. 

Gravity seeder unit with two outlets,this machine offers the precise metering of the multi-metering system MDG ideal for the dispersion of seeds and granules without air support.The MDG series is particularly suitable as an additional metering system on an existing seeder. 
Price: £POA 


This control box is the most popular with most of our machines,it has an extensive range of functions,suitable for those requiring GPS . 
Price: £POA 


This control box is uesd with the ES 100 M3 Special spreader. 
Price: £POA 

APV ZS 200 M3 Spreader. 

Used ZS 200 M3 twin disc spreader,2015,4.6 control box,connecting leads and operators instructions.Very little work,good condition 
Price: £1495.00 
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